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How waking up early can change your life if you are thinking about building a start-up? Here are our easy-to-go steps for you.


Waking up early isn’t the same as waking up just before your work, you feel sleepy, look miserable, and have a crappy, unhealthy, not productive morning routine.

It is everyday misery, isn’t it? And I’m telling you that you have to wake up even earlier! That’s true, and you should try doing this, if you want to start your start-up and not starve to death.


Let’s get to the point and discuss why you would wake up before your usual waking time by 2 hours. And how to make it?



Firstly, Why working on your start-up first thing in the morning is the best choice?


When you wake up in the morning; you’re still fresh, your energy has not yet been diminished by useless problems and arguments. By this time, you are more motivated and creative.

Obviously, no one is going to be creative and motivated after a long, exhausting day of work.

In addition to that, planning and creating a start-up requires a lot of brain energy, critical and creative thinking.

Making your start-up plans a daily fixed duty on your schedule, will help you to commit to your start-up.

You have an obligation, you have a certain task that needs to be done first thing in your day.

If you didn’t do that, you won't probably find the time for it for the rest of the day. 


Sleeping early


waking up early


 How are you going to wake up earlier if you're already struggling to wake up on time?

This all starts with the vague plain easy fact which is; that you should sleep early too!

Because if you don't, you won't be able to get out of bed when the alarm goes off.

And if miracles were to happen, and you did wake up, you would be miserable all day.

Doing this for a long period will have a bad impact on both; your mental and physical health and of course your concentration and memory, so you won't be able to concentrate and come up with new ideas.


Here are some tips that can help you sleep early:

  • Cut off all electronics at least one hour before sleep; as the blue light emissions from the laptop, mobile, and all electronics inhibit your sleeping, especially if you have a past history of sleeping problems like amnesia.
  • You can make your electronic device screens have more yellow light after sunset.
  • A warm shower would help you sleep better and earlier, as it helps your body relax.
  • You need your room to be slightly cold, so it is easier for you to get up in the morning, and it helps you to sleep better too.
  • Go to bed early at a scheduled time, which enables you to sleep enough hours. Sleeping hours for adults are usually from 6 to 9 hours.
  • Try to listen to white noises if you have trouble adjusting your sleeping schedule. Rain sounds are the most relaxing and popular white noise. Give it a try.
  • Finally, don’t close your shutters, to wake up to the natural light, and even on days when you wake up, and it is still dark it is beautiful to see the sunrise.


Waking up early


waking up early


moment of truth. To be or not to be, that is the question.

Try to say that to yourself before you turn off your alarm and go back to sleep, and then your inner self hamster wakes up late to barely catch anything in your chaotic life.

If you actually have a goal in your mind, this can help you wake up every day.

Tell yourself; that I’m waking up to pursue my work.

You can be motivated, willing, and all this amazing stuff but still struggle to wake up.

Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Put your alarm and phone away from your bed before you go to sleep. When you walk to the end of the room to turn it off, you do the first step of waking up, which is getting out of bed.

  • Use some apps that will actually wake you up, like Warmly and Alarmy which ask you to do some tasks; like doing simple maths problems or scanning a barcode.
  • If you have someone living with you who wakes up early, it would be very helpful to ask him to wake you up.
  • You can use vibrating alarms or lighting alarms that emit light on your face to wake you up. You can make your alarm tone a soft tone if the regular alarm ringtones are annoying to you, and make you nervous in the morning.
  • There are some types of alarms called coffee alarms that brew your coffee right on your waking time.
  • Try drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to help wake you up.
  • Try taking a cold shower once you get out of bed, it will absolutely wake you up.
  • Make gentle stretches and make your bed to improve your circulation. It will also give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

  • Eventually, not everything suits everyone. So try multiple routines until you find what works best for you. And remember; habits take time to change, but it does change.



How to actually work on your start-up


waking up early


 Every great project was once just an idea and came to life through many steps of modification and a lot of hard work.

Almost every project you see wasn't that way in his founder's head when he was thinking of it. 

Here are our steps on how to actually start your start-up:


  • Just start. Don't surrender to the delusion that convinces you that every single micro thing should be perfect. This way you will never start.
  • Break it down into small steps towards your bigger goal. Put them on a time schedule and start working on them.
  • Try lean start-up, unlike the traditional way of establishing start-ups that take ages to come to life and may fall afterward like 70% of the new projects that fail; lean startup takes you right to the point, so even if things did go wrong you didn't waste much time and resources as you would have done with the traditional approach.

    The lean startup is formed of 3 basic steps:   


waking up early


1- Find the idea: the idea is the fundamental component of every project.

Plan your idea and critically think about it and see;

Does the market need this idea?

Would your product be sold when it is on market?

2- Execute your idea: once you find that your idea is predicted to be successful, start executing.

Take it to the next step and start making your product.

Whatever your product is, you should make a Minimum Viable Product, which is a version of your product.

This will enable you to collect information about your project position, and chances in the real world.

3- Validate your idea: you have to take all the feedback you have received, either negative or positive, and modulate your plans accordingly.

If the negative is much higher than the positive, and they are all about whether the idea itself is not useful or of a need, you should consider changing your idea.


Finally, you should monitor yourself and your progress and let others judge your work, and you have to go public as soon as you can and let go of perfectionism.



Tell us what tip helped you the most.w And if you consider waking up early to work on your start-up.


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