Best Freelance Platforms to Pick Your Developers
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Best Freelance Platforms to Pick Your Developers

Finding talents to work with might seem easy, but with so many options to choose from it can get a little confusing to pick the best freelance developer to trust and count on. The internet is filled with hundreds of freelancing platforms, but as always, our job is to pick the best options for you. Here are the best freelancing platforms for developers:



1 - Pickdevs


Pickdevs is the one place dedicated for developers exclusively, and because of that, we provide you with a unique hiring experience. We make sure you stay within budget as our remote developers will cost you 50% less. We also offer you our expertise and chat with you to give you advice on the best freelancer for you and we pick for you the best of the best. Our freelancers are always under surveillance so we make sure your work is done the right way!



2 - Upwork


What is great about Upwork is the number of registered freelancers to choose from, with 12 million registered freelancers, you’ll probably have a couple million developers to filter through. You can also check their success rate and their hourly pay rate. Easily choose the developer that best suits your project through Upwork’s very thorough filtering system, making it easier to navigate between all those millions of freelancers.



3 - Fiverr


Just like Upwork, Fiverr is a very well-known platform for freelancers. It may have started as a place for people to get cheaper designs and logos, but it has come a long way and has since then become a full-fledged freelancing website that provides high quality services to its clients. The hiring system works a bit differently on Fiverr, the freelancers post their offer and the client is the one who browses through them. While this might be good for the client, it can at times make it harder for freelancers to find jobs. But either way, it’s still a good place to go if you’re looking for someone to provide you with a quick job.



4 - Guru


If you have a project that demands more than one developer, then Guru is the place to be. Aside from their smooth hiring process, Guru has an option where you can create a job, hire multiple freelancers, and assign roles to each of them. This makes it easier to keep track of the progress and keeps you well organized.



5 - Clouddevs


A lot of people would tell you that it’s always better to hire freelancers from a different country than yours as it will cost less. So, if you belong to that school of thought or just prefer dealing with European and Latin American freelancers, Check out Clouddevs. The talents are assigned to you so they can match your time-zone, you can cancel anytime, and you have a 14-day risk free guarantee.



6 - Toptal


Toptal requires their freelancers to undergo vigorous testing to make sure they provide their clients with the best freelancers. The hiring process is also quite similar to that of most freelancing platforms, ensuring you find a developer within 48 hours.



Which of these platforms do you think is the best to use? We know we pick Pickdevs!


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