15 resources software developers should check out
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15 resources software developers should check out

The internet is a vast place filled with lots of information.

Any question you can think of probably has an answer to it somewhere on the world wide web if you just care to search for it thoroughly.


So, in this article, we’re going to answer one of these questions.

We’re going to tell you where to find rich resources that can help enhance your developing game!


1) StackOverFlow


Some questions don’t have clear answers, it all comes to trial and error.

So, it’s always good when you can ask someone who’s been there and done that.

StackOverFlow is a website where developers from all around the world share their experiences.

You’ll find answers for the trickiest questions on this website.



2) W3School


If you want to get more in depth into learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a good place to start is W3School.

This website offers lots of tutorials on various programming languages and many other programming topics.

So if you’re someone who prefers watching tutorials instead of reading them, W3School is the best choice for you!



3) Morning Cup of Coding


Morning Cup of Coding is a daily newsletter you can subscribe to, to receive that latest news in the programming world.


It sends you articles, blog posts, and news that will make your mornings more productive.



4) SQLBolt


If you’re more into programming databases, then you’re most likely a fan of SQL, as it’s the most widely used language when it comes to databases.


SQLBolt is a website made to help you learn it exclusively.

The website also offers interactive lessons and exercises that assist you in the learning process.


5) Learn Git Branching


Managing your code can be quite the task, but Learn Git Branching makes it so much easier.

The website provides interactive tutorials with visuals to help you understand the basics of Git branching and commands.



6) Developer Roadmap


Just as the name suggests, this website is a literal roadmap that guides you through the basics of developing.

The website contains many flow charts that simplify all you need to know about developing and programming.

The charts tackle topics like Java, CSS, DevOps, Fullstack, and many more!



7) Regexr


A regular expression is a sequence of characters that defines a search pattern.

That might seem a bit complicated to understand or get right when you’re just a beginner, but it is a crucial step in programming that you’ll have to make amends with.


 To make your life easier, checkout Regexr so you can check the validity of your regular expression.


8) Medium


Medium is the perfect website for endless listicles that you can skim through to find whatever you’re looking for.

Browsing through this website is so easy and you’ll find a lot of topics covered when it comes to programming.

The best thing about it is that the writers talk from personal experiences which makes it all the more genuine and trustworthy advice.



9) WakaTime


This resource is a bit different.

It helps you accumulate your own personal resources by understanding the amount of time you spend on coding.

By doing that, it helps you decide on a point of reference to manage your work.

It also gives you daily and weekly reports detailing your performance.


10) Pickdevs


15 resources software developers should check out


Not to sound biased here, but Pickdevs not only allows you to find the best developers suited for your projects,

but through its blog section it provides you with different resources that help you navigate your programming career.

Pickdevs gathers all the information you need in one place!



11) CodeAcademy


CodeAcademy is a learning platform dedicated to developing.

It makes the whole learning process even more professional.

You take a quiz to know your level, then you choose your topic, learn through interactive tutorials, and get instant feedback.


If that doesn’t sound like an academy, we don’t know what does!




12)  The Hacker News


If you want to know the latest news in the developing world, check out The Hacker News!

Don’t miss checking it every day so you can keep up with the latest trends and technologies in developing.



13) FreeCodeCamp


YouTube has always been a go-to tutorial hub.

One of the best YouTube channels for developing is FreeCodeCamp.

They provide many tutorials and their content is very high-quality, professional, and ad free.



14) Coursera


Tutorials are not enough?

Want someone to hold you accountable for the information you learn?

Then Coursera it is!

Enroll in online courses that teach you everything about developing from A to Z. A lot of people swear by the effectiveness of Coursera.



15) YouTube


Some people like to go to basics, they like to search for their resources in the old-fashioned way.

But you can find some gems on YouTube if you know what to look for.

A lot of self-made developers like to share their knowledge on this platform.


Make sure to check out all the resources, and come back for more! Because PickDevs’ got it all!

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