A brief introduction of IoT
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A brief introduction of IoT


Concerning the progress of the programming domain, we've identified several technical terms nowadays.

So, let's discuss one of those terms within this article.


What’s the meaning of  IoT?


Have you ever heard about this term? Do you know what it stands for?


It doesn't matter if you have any basic information about it or don't, since we are taking you now on a journey to give you a condensed summary about IoT.

IoT is a short for Internet of things which is a modern mean to connect many appliances and devices to each other through the internet of ubiquitous networks as data and information transmit from one device to another.

Independently by those sensors embedded within them and that facilitates dealing with all digital operations between something as small as a microchip and something as big as a Plane.


So PC-devices and Smartphones aren’t considered IoT as they need an individual to turn on.

This technique, in turn, contributes to make the universe more responsive and smarter without interfering human beings.

So, Everything responds to smartphone applications in the presence of wireless networks of the internet, is inserted into IoT as an example. 


When did the internet of things start?


This mean started early, particularly in the 80s when the chips were bulk and the communication between objects wasn’t optimum and IoT was derived from an internet-connected vending machine progress and others.




Although The processors of IoT were large, cheap and ineffective in the past.

Nowadays they are tiny, expensive and much more effective.

Thanks to the adoption of RFID tags, low power chips, many issues have been solved and also thanks to the adoption of IPv6, each device has been provided with many IP addresses.


In 1999, IoT was well-adjusted and more advanced enough to use and make the world like a small village.

Previously IoT applications were restricted within manufacturing Field but lately IoT applications have become part of everyone's everyday life. 


How large is the IoT network?


To realize the answer of the question, It’s enough to imagine the number of devices used and connected through the Iot is larger than the all population all over the world.

It’s predictable by 2050 there will be about 41.6 billions devices connected via the Iot according to Tech analyst company IDC predictions.


For this year, Gartner, tech analyst predicts that the number of the IoT appliances utilized in the automotive and enterprise sectors will be up to 5.8 billion, and the detection devices like cameras will rank second in the most manufactured IoT applications list.




What’s the importance of the IoT in industry?


It’s obvious that the IoT plays a very effective role in industrial operations as it moderates all operation steps through recording and transmitting data.


So, Business owners keep in touch with what’s happening within the process to make sure everything ends up in a proper way, and also to be aware of any errors that might happen to act urgently before damage occurs.


The IoT in the enterprise industry can be classified mainly into: industry-specific offerings like sensors and real - time location and IoT devices used in all industries like security systems.

The IoT, in industry, is named as the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0.


The relation between the IoT and smart homes


In the future, there will be a direct relation between the IoT and smart homes as all of them will be provided with appliances and equipment that operate through the IoT systems.


Those appliances might be smart fridges, thermostats, plugs and lightbulbs.




There are also many applications in industry and technology that depend on IoT like data analysis, Smart cities and cloud.


Is the IoT system secure?


In case you wonder how secure The Iot is, let us answer you.

Of course dealing with the IoT depends on security and data privacy to assure gaining the trust of customers.

Make sure that not all IoT companies build their work based on gathering and selling data of customers but few ones might do that. 


At last, A very promising and bright future awaits us thanks to the enormous accomplishments and achievements of IoT that are being developed to get the optimum version of this great technology and make it include all of our life facilities.


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